UseNeXT Freezone browsable on the Internet – your new high speed source for freeware!

Usenet offers you access to sheer endless amounts of information. If you are accessing Usenet via UseNeXT’s Tangysoft Client you are certainly familiar with the Freezone. The Freezone is full of software available under GNU (GNU General Public License) as well as movies and music provided for free by many independent artists. And the best part: no matter how many GB of data you download from the Freezone, your download volume does not decrease!

What´s new about the Freezone?
The Freezone on UseNeXT has been available for quite some time now. But till now, the Freezone content has been visible to Usenet-Users using the Tangysoft Client only. From now on everybody will be able to browse the Freezone online! A list is being published directly on UseNeXT’s website under the new category Freezone. Don’t waste any time and start searching the Freezone now.

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