UseNeXT Eastermania!

UseNeXT, Europe´s leading usenet provider just launched their big EASTERMANIA! What´s in for you? You can win prizes worth more than € 6,000 / USD 8,500 including:

–          5 x Apple iPads

–          5 x Sony PS3 Slims (320GB)

–          15 x external Hard Drives with a storage capacity of 1TB

How do I enter the competition?

–          Click on UseNeXT Eastermania

–          Enter your email address (Yes, your email address is all that´s needed!)

–          Search the four hidden eggs within the Usenet Client

–          Enter the hidden sentence on UseNeXT Eastermania

Sounds difficult? We can guarantee, it´s very simple. The competition expires on Easter Monday, so seize you chance now!

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