Usenet Search

There are various ways for searching Usenet. One possibility is to use a Usenet indexing site, a so called NZB-site. The other option is using your newsreader (if your newsreader supports searching).

Option 1: Using an NZB indexing site:
There are many nzb-sites out there. Some of them are for free while other services might charge minor amounts of $1-3 a month in order to let you use their service. So what do these NZB-sites offer? Basically, all they do is to index the activity within newsgroups creating a map of the Usenet. But they do this on a very large scale.

Follow these easy steps in order to find the file you are looking for:

1. enter the name of the file on an NZB-site
2. download the nzb-file
3. open it with your newsreader

The following video shows you a short tutorial on using nzb matrix:

Using an nzb-indexing site is necessary, if either your newsreader does not offer the possibility of searching for (nzb-)files, or if you are not happy with the search quality of your newsreader


Option 2: Searching via a newsreader
Some newsreaders offer the possibility to search Usenet directly. The tangysoft client which is available for free to customers of Europe┬┤s leading Usenet provider UseNeXT can be recommended as a good (and well known) option (make sure to check “Usenet Access Providers” for a full list of Usenet Providers). Next to the Atimto Usenet Index you have also the option of searching the Usenet via a variety of index sites, such as NFO-News, NZB-Matrix or

Searching with the help of a newsreader client is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is to enter the name of the file you are looking for in the search bar. A moment later the search results will pop up and you need to filter the results manually.

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