Usenet Providers on Social Media Networks

Since Facebook started in 2004 and Twitter in 2006, social networks have become more and more popular. Not only for private users who want to share their activities, photos and videos with their friends but also for businesses.

These social networks are an easy and cheap way for companies to communicate with their their customers and clients.

Starbucks did it, Lady Gaga is doing it right now and in Mark Zuckerberg’s mind everybody should be doing it. What should they be doing?  Using the power of Social Media.

And many of the top Usenet providers are doing just that.

Giganews – The Texan Usenet provider Giganews has a nice Facebook fanpage with over 7,000 Likes and and a Twitter account with more than 4,000 followers. The Giganews guys are updating their site every couple of days, promoting new services or functions to their followers or having competitions (like the very cool T-shirt Slogan Competition).

UseNeXT–  The european provider UseNeXT has the most fans of any Usenet provider. They count 20,000+ fans on their International UseNeXT fanpage and over 17,000 on their German fansite. There are also 600+ people following UseNext on Twitter and 1,100+ on UseNeXT Germany. UseNeXT offers good support on basic questions and posts info about their newest products and features every couple of days.

Binverse – And finally, one to keep an eye on.  Binverse is a relatively new Usenet provider but growing rapidly. They relaunched their Facebook and Twitter pages recently and are picking up followers quickly.
A big plus is that these guys are not only publishing posts about their own products but also interesting news about relevant topics regarding the Web 2.0

As social media continues to grow, providers like these will remain a step ahead of the competition.  Using the power of social media to connect and interact with your customers is a definite advantage.

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