Usenet Downloads

In order to download binary files from Usenet you will need an adequate newsreader. If your newsreader does not support searching for nzb-files or if you are using an nzb-indexing site, please continue reading option 1. Otherwise, please continue reading option 2.


Option 1:
Double-click the nzb file you have downloaded and chose the newsreader installed on your computer in order to open the nzb-file. Click download and wait for the download to finish.


Option 2:
Double-click the search results and start downloading. Wait for the download to finish.
The following video shows the full process of searching and downloading using the tangysoft newsreader.

Depending on whether your newsreader automatically reassembles and extracts the downloaded files, you might need some additional software. We recommend using either Quickpar or Winrar.

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