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UseNeXT: celebrating 1,111 days of binary retention and second cooperation with dreamfab

Usenet fans rejoice: European Usenet provider UseNeXT has just extended binary retention time to a whopping 1,111 days. This means that binary files will now remain on UseNeXT servers for more than three years! New Usenet customers should make sure to compare retention times as they can vary heavily between providers.

Another reason to celebrate is the second cooperation between UseNeXT and mobile game producer dreamfab. You can receive 50 GB of free extra download volume if you complete the first ten levels in dreamfabs brand new puzzle game „Happy Hills“. After reaching the 10th level you will receive a special code which can be redeemed on dreamfabs facebook page.

Your goal in „Happy Hills“ is to destroy the evil Gloom Blocks who threaten the magical land of Euphoria. Euphoria is populated by friendly Happy Hills, filling the land with their joy and merriment. There are several types of Gloom Blocks, made of stone, wood, metal or other materials, each type with it’s distinctive weakness. You have to destroy the Gloom Blocks by taking advantage of their respective weakness in order to bomb, burn or drown them. This adds strategic depth to the game as the level design and type of enemies will grow steadily through the games 96 beautifully designed levels. And the best part: you can download Happy Hills free of charge!

Check out the latest Happy Hills trailer below!

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