Accessing Usenet

Accessing and downloading binary files in the Usenet can be split down into four steps:

1. getting access information for the Usenet

2. searching newsgroups

3. downloading files and

4. reassembling files

First of all you will need access to binary newsgroups. Hence, it is necessary to sign up with a commercial usenet provider. Once you have signed up, you will receive a username (e.g. gn123456 for giganews or bnv123456 for Binverse) and a corresponding password. If you sign up with a full service usenet provider such as UseNeXT, you will be able to handle all of the remaining steps with their own newsreader provided. Still, there are many providers out there which do not provide a newsreader of their own.



4 components of accessing Usenet

4 components of accessing Usenet


In such cases it is necessary to use an nzb-indexing site (e.g. in order to search for files (please take a look at “Usenet Search” for more details). It is also necessary to download or purchase a newsreader in order to download files (Check out Usenet Downloads for details on downloading files). Since some of those newsreaders cannot reassemble the downloaded par and rar-files, you might also need additional software which is able to do so.

The MS Usenet Crew recommends signing up with a full service usenet provider – especially if you are new to the Usenet. They might charge slightly more than Usenet providers which solely provide access information, but it is a lot more convenient since the newsreaders they offer will take care of all the steps mentioned above without having to purchase extra services and/or software.

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